Syxsense Announces the Release of Syxsense Cortex

Syxsense Announces the Release of Syxsense Cortex

Syxsense Announces the Release of Syxsense Cortex, A Next-Generation, Visual IT and Security Management Process Automation Solution

Syxsense Continues to Deliver on Its Mission to Allow IT and Security Teams to Manage and Secure Everything, Everywhere, Anytime, From the Cloud with an Ultra-Advanced IT Automation Solution

Syxsense announces its release of Syxsense Cortex, available as part of a Syxsense Secure subscription, a no-code, ultra-advanced interface for IT and security teams to easily perform complex, automated jobs with a drag-and-drop interface. This keeps organizations secure and running without the need for large teams and specialists. Syxsense Cortex’s intelligent IT automation allows IT and security teams to create complex, multi-step actions using their own rules or the Syxsense prebuilt templates without developing scripts.

Syxsense Cortex creates intelligent endpoints, monitoring and alerting of potential threats and changes to your environment. Syxsense’s unique architecture enables communication across highly-distributed work environments in real time. Syxsense Cortex allows organizations to easily create and automate complex processes, including:

  • COVID Readiness: Detect devices logging back into the corporate network after working from home, quarantine the device, run a vulnerability scan, deploy patches, check vulnerability level, and then return the secured device to full privileges on the corporate network.
  • VM Host Patching: Detect which devices are hosting virtual machines, safely shutdown all VM guests, scan and patch the server, reboot, and return all VMs to a running state.
  • Server and Device Monitoring: Set policies to constantly monitor CPU, RAM, and disk space usage. Set custom evaluation period and frequency to easily detect and alert on critical sustained spikes.
  • Complex Multi-Stage Patching: Running PowerShell scripts, automating email approvals for patch deployment, scanning, deploying, rebooting, and then running cleanup PowerShell scripts.
  • Software Provisioning: Create a single, automated pipeline to version check all installed software, upgrade and install new versions, all while protecting the productivity of users.
  • Risk Reduction: Identify and correct changes to Firewalls, Bitlocker, Admin Accounts, and Administrative Group membership.

“Syxsense Cortex’s codeless intelligent IT hyper-automation interface uses a drag-and-drop visual workflow designer to automate IT tasks in minutes,” commented Diane Rogers, Chief Product Officer at Syxsense. “Tests have shown this saves 93% of the time spent remediating incidents and delivers a 62% cost reduction on repetitive manual tasks.”

“Syxsense Cortex delivers a new management paradigm putting real power and control in the hands of all IT departments,” commented Ashley Leonard, Chief Executive Officer at Syxsense. “As security risks multiply every year, we are delivering simple, yet powerful tools that secure all endpoints, allowing everyone on the IT team to sleep better at night.”

Syxsense will host an informative webcast detailing many of the ways Syxsense Cortex automation can be used to simplify complex IT and security processes. The webcast will take place on February 4th at 8am Pacific. To attend, click here to register.

Syxsense Cortex is included with Syxsense Secure at no additional cost. Syxsense is offering free, fully-featured trials for up to 100 devices for 14 days. More information on the software and trial can be found here.

About Syxsense

Syxsense is the leading provider of innovative, intuitive technology that sees all and knows everything about every endpoint, in every location, everywhere inside and outside the network, as well as in the cloud. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with industry expertise to manage and secure endpoints by stopping threats before they occur and neutralizing threats when they happen. The Syxsense Endpoint Security Cloud always-on technology performs in real-time so businesses can operate free of disruption from security breaches that cripple productivity and expose them to financial risk and reputational harm.

Try Syxsense Cortex free for 14 days.

Syxsense Cortex is included with Syxsense Secure — get up and running quickly with an easy-to-use solution, free for 14 days.