Endpoint Security: Managing the Endpoint Vulnerability Gap

Find and Manage OS and Security Vulnerabilities

Comprehensive scanning to detect OS patch and security weaknesses, enabling you to identify risks and close your attack surface. 

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Complete Visibility 

See desktops, laptops, servers, mobile and IoT devices in a single console. With cross platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, you can discover all endpoints communicating over your network.  

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Make Decisions with Real-Time Data

With live connections to corporate assets, you can make decisions and take action with real-time, accurate, and secure data.

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Flexibility from the Cloud   

Leverage our cloud-native architecture for optimal scalability, security, and responsiveness, ensuring access to your endpoints at any time, from anywhere. 

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Accurate View of Security Posture

Identify vulnerabilities with the highest risk based on your unique environment and push patches that will keep your organization safe and compliant.  

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Automating Complexity  

Utilize our unique, no-code, drag-and-drop workflow builder to automate complex tasks, enabling thousands of devices to self-heal and self-manage.

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Beers with Engineers

Grab a brew on us and join us for a walk through Syxsense with our Senior Solutions Architect.

Manage and secure everything with one console.

Reduce costs and risk while improving efficiency by leveraging one product to handle endpoint management and security. Unified Security & Endpoint Management (USEM) with Syxsense enables teams to identify, manage, and secure desktops, laptops, servers, and mobile devices from one place.

Gain control over your environment, keep endpoints secure, and detect vulnerabilities before they can be exploited with real-time alerting, immediate device quarantining, automated remediation, and compliance reporting.

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Patch Management & Endpoint Visibility

Complete visibility and management of all your IT assets whether they are roaming, at home, on the network, or in the cloud. 

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Policy-Based Automation for Security and Compliance

Patch and endpoint management, OS and security vulnerability scanning, and powerful no-code automation to deliver in a complete, unified, single cloud-native solution that supports all your compliance needs. 

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Zero Trust for Enhanced Cybersecurity 

Get all the capabilities in Manage and Secure, along with automation and pre-built vulnerability remediations, zero trust automation to vet, verify, and validate devices, and an open API to enable data integrations across a range of management and security tools.  

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Support across all platforms.

syxsense Operating Systems

Syxsense Vulnerability Database: A Proactive Solution to Security

Rely on Syxsense’s Security Content team to produce the vulnerability information and remediations to quickly identify and fix OS and security vulnerabilities. Check out our open source database for a sample of what our customers receive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Syxsense?

Syxsense is the world’s first unified endpoint management and security solution provider to offer real-time vulnerability monitoring, detection, and intelligent automation for IT management, patch management and security remediation in a single console. Why choose Syxsense?

Why I need Endpoint Security?

Today’s threat landscape is more unpredictable than ever in the wake of COVID-19, the ensuing remote and hybrid work transition, and as cyber criminals utilize increasingly sophisticated attack methods. Your endpoints are the gateway that attackers use to access your company data; leaving them unprotected exposes you to risk and potential attack, as well as the financial, reputational, and legal consequences of a data breach. Read more about Endpoint Management here.

Will it run on all my devices?

Any device, anywhere. Syxsense offers cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, iPadOS, and Android operating systems, providing protection for every desktop, laptop, server, mobile device, virtual machine, and IoT in your environment from a single console. Syxsense scales easily as your organization grows and facilitates a seamless transition to remote, hybrid, and BYOD work environments. Read more about device management here.

Can I manage and structure devices remotely?

Yes. Our agent can be deployed and mobile devices can be enrolled over the air to any device, regardless of location, and managed from the central Syxsense console. Read More about Remote Control.

What are the benefits of Unified Security and Endpoint Management?

USEM solutions such as Syxsense give you 100% visibility into your environment, with the ability to detect threats in real-time and manage and secure every device from a single console. They provide full endpoint intelligence and threat remediation regardless of operating system or location, including on-premise, remote, roaming, and cloud devices. Read more about our full endpoint solutions here.

Do I need to purchase additional software or hardware?

No. Syxsense is cloud-based for optimal scalability, security, and responsiveness. Our single agent is lightweight and supports detection, management, and security. Read more about how Syxsense is integrated with the Cloud here.

Does Syxsense support all Operating Systems?

Syxsense supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Andriod and IoT Operating Systems.

Does Syxsense fit in my budget?

The latest IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report estimated that the average cost of a data breach increased 10% from 2020-2021, from $3.86 million to $4.24 million, with an even higher cost when remote work was a factor in the breach. Visit our Plans Here.

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