Unprecedented power and control for managed service providers

Syxsense Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is designed to help service providers continuously monitor and address risk and performance factors quickly and securely, without additional dependence on scarce, skilled resources.

Syxsense remote monitoring and management dashboard

Say Goodbye to Alert Fatigue

Intelligent Monitoring

Quickly address risk and performance factors with customizable and continuous monitoring across all your customers’ IT systems.

Pre-built Monitor Library

Save time with our pre-built monitors, including antivirus checks, critical event checks, disk space checks, CPU and RAM usage, and more.

Effortless customization and remediation

Tailor monitoring for different groups or sites to get only the alerts you need. Enable automated remediation of specific issues or routine tasks with Syxsense Cortex™.

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Synchronized visibility with essential integrations

Integrations with ConnectWise and HaloPSA enable service providers to monitor and manage endpoints easily across critical management tools. Sync Syxsense device inventory values to a ConnectWise database, getting visibility for all managed devices in both systems.

Syxsense RMM Alerts

Create differentiated RMM services with Syxsense Cortex™

Syxsense Cortex, our no-code automation and orchestration engine, proactively identifies and resolves issues. With Syxsense RMM, you have intelligent monitoring and resolutions working around the clock.  Sleep soundly knowing your clients are protected – without drowning in alerts.

Syxsense Cortex Inventory Variables

Create your own custom inventory values, such as a customer’s organization or specific device information, to provide greater personalization and deepen your company’s brand recognition with customers.

Customizable Dashboards

Empower your clients with transparency and control. Easily create personalized dashboards with key performance indicators, offering in-depth insights without development overhead.

Automated Script Execution

Execute PowerShell scripts within Cortex workflows, leveraging device inventory information for increased efficiency, customization, and predictability.

Personalized Email Alerts

Keep customers informed with targeted emails, dynamically generated using device or customer-specific data. Streamline communication, build trust, and reduce support workloads.

Our Mission

Manage and secure everything, everywhere, all the time from the cloud.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Syxsense is proud to enable hundreds of global enterprises in reducing their IT and cyber risk with comprehensive visibility and control.

Join your industry peers in moving to a converged endpoint and vulnerability management platform where you can focus on your business instead of worrying about IT and cyber risk because you have both visibility and control over your infrastructure. Register Now to see the Syxsense platform in action and learn how you can manage and secure everything, everywhere from the cloud.

Unified Endpoint Management

Syxsense Manage

Get real-time visibility into all your devices, so your IT Operations teams can prioritize and automate critical tasks, from distributing software updates to deploying patches, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.


Automated Endpoint Management

Syxsense Secure

Gain control over your environment with automated endpoint management, including identifying endpoint vulnerabilities, and leverage policy enforcement, immediate device quarantining, and compliance reporting to drive towards effortless business operations.


Automated Endpoint and Vulnerability Management

Syxsense Enterprise

Manage and secure your organization with an intuitive platform that automates and orchestrates every endpoint in your enterprise. Get all the capabilities in Manage and Secure, along with pre-built vulnerability remediations, a Zero Trust Evaluation Engine to vet, verify, and validate device posture, and an open API to enable data integrations across a range of management and security tools.

Unified Platform for Complete Visibility

Support Across All Platforms

syxsense Operating Systems