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Patch Management

Manage. Scan. Deploy.

Automate and streamline the patch management process to reduce the risk of security breaches and system downtime caused by software vulnerabilities.

patch management software

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The Ultimate Patch Management Tool


Patches automatically appear in the console within hours of release.


Patch scans use our sophisticated detection logic to flag vulnerable devices.


Employee productivity is protected by scheduling deployments in recurring Maintenance Windows.

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Patch scan. Patch deploy. Made simple.

Globally available from everywhere, and cloud-hosted in Microsoft Azure, our solution consolidates desktops, laptops, and servers into a single console. Detect missing OS and third-party patches, target groups of devices, and deploy updates.

Get the most critical updates to the most vulnerable devices with extensive filter and query options that give you full control over patch prioritization. Our strict detection logic ensures that only necessary updates are installed on each device. Your software stays up to date, your deployments are streamlined, and your environment is secure.

patch management software

Patch Management Components

Patch Everything

Deploy Windows, Mac, and Linux updates and see an accurate count of all versions on your dashboard. Keep up with security threats and patches, including updates for third-party software applications such as Adobe, Java, and Chrome. And gain access to our monthly Patch Tuesday webinar, highlighting the latest in everything patch.

Third Party Support

Keep up with the constant stream of security threats and patches for third-party software applications, such as Adobe, Java, Chrome and more. With the power of Syxsense, it’s simple to check for hotfixes, bug-fixes and other software patches issued by the vendor.

Feature Updates

Manage patches and software updates from a single console. Our dashboard shows an accurate count of all your devices with Windows and supports deployment of updates as well as patches for easy and efficient management.

Automated Deployment

Maintenance windows give you defined start and stop times of when devices can be patched, protecting the productivity of your workforce. Set recurring events to automatically deploy all patches released on Microsoft’s current Patch Tuesday release, all critical severity Linux patches, or only third-party updates.

Device Health

Scan and prioritize patching relative to your exposed risk. Find out which patches have been released, their severity, and if vulnerabilities are being exploited. Know exactly where and what devices pose critical levels of risk to your organization and target those devices first.

Our Mission

Manage and secure everything, everywhere, all the time from the cloud.

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Syxsense is proud to enable hundreds of global enterprises in reducing their IT and cyber risk with comprehensive visibility and control.

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Patch Management FAQ
What is Patch Management?2023-09-20T10:37:22-04:00

Patch Management is the process of keeping desktops, laptops, servers and applications up-to-date by deploying security updates or feature upgrades. Patches often fix a security vulnerability or deliver additional functionality and features.

Why Patch Management Matters?2023-09-20T10:36:58-04:00

Patches are released by vendors to fix system vulnerabilities. Failing to install these updates often results in devices being vulnerable to attack. Nearly 60% of organizations that suffered a data breach in the past two years cite as the culprit a known vulnerability for which they had not yet patched.

What Processes Make Up Patch Management?2023-09-20T10:36:35-04:00

The first processes involved with patch management are discovery and inventory. You can’t manage a device if you don’t know it exists on your network. Then you would need to run a patch scan on all the devices to see if there are any missing software updates. These should be grouped by criticality.

When building a patch management strategy, it is important to consider the three general categories of updates when prioritizing issues: critical, important, and optional. Critical updates typically involve security, privacy and reliability, while important updates address non-critical problems to help enhance the computing experience. Optional updates can include updates to drivers, for example, or new software, and they often enhance computing as well. A solid testing environment is recommended as well. Never use your own device to test patches. The final step is to deploy the patches and report results.

What is the Future of Patch Management?2023-09-20T10:35:07-04:00

Tomorrow’s patch management solutions will help IT and Security teams work together to ensure that all devices are up to date and attacks can be quarantined and remediated before any damage is done. Security patches will be rolled out efficiently, based on vulnerability prioritization, and all teams involved in the process work together so that the entire vulnerability management process runs smoothly.

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