Why Syxsense?

Syxsense helps organizations with 100 endpoints to 100,000 devices manage and secure
their environment, all from a web browser.

10 Reasons Our Customers Choose Syxsense


Comprehensive Vulnerability Detections

Syxsense monitors your environment and detects missing OS and third-party patch updates and security misconfigurations that could leave your endpoints open to attack. With accurate and timely detection, you know exactly where and what devices pose serious levels of risk to your organization, ensuring you can target the right devices with critical updates.


Our security assessment tool provides up to date information on severity ratings and CVSS scores, public aware, counter measure, and weaponized status, in relation to the devices in your environment and a breakdown of devices that are vulnerable.

Security Remediation

Identify and resolve security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations with a single agent from a single solution. Real-time data on behavioral and state changes and intelligent workflow automation ensure 24/7 communication between your endpoints and console. With Syxsense, devices are self-aware and self-managing, and can initiate remediation actions automatically. Don’t just find threats, fix them.

Secure Solution

Syxsense is cloud-based and hosted in Microsoft Azure to ensure secure data transmission. Each customer has a private database, with no commingling of data. With support for two-factor authentication, IP restrictions, Single Sign On, login tracking and notification, and abnormal login alerts, we ensure your data stays as protected as your endpoints.

100% Visibility

Know every endpoint in your environment that communicates over your network. Syxsense discovers desktop computers, laptops, servers, virtual machines, mobile devices, and IoT devices whether they’re on-premise, roaming, remote, or in the cloud. Get real-time visibility into your endpoints and detailed intelligence and insight of their health, security, and potential risk.

Real-Time Responses

Reducing the amount of time between identification and elimination of threats is integral to the security of your environment and your ability to avoid damaging incidents. With real-time data, you can contain and eliminate threats as soon as they’re detected – before they spread to the rest of your network.

Proof of Compliance

Syxsense enables organizations to achieve, maintain, and prove compliance with regulatory requirements. Our in-depth reporting minimizes the burden of documenting and demonstrating compliance in regulatory audits with prepared and automated reports for HIPAA, SOX, and PCI compliance.

Automated Workflow Intelligence with Cortex

Create complex task sequences that run independently on endpoints 24/7 with a drag and drop interface. Syxsense Cortex makes endpoints truly intelligent with hyperresponsive receptors to gather data on behavioral and state changes and initiate quarantine and remediation processes faster, ensuring you can manage expanding attack surfaces and execute protections faster in remote, BYOD, and cloud-based environments.

Simple to Implement

You can have a private, secure console up and running with your own live device data in under five minutes. Our lightweight and responsive agent is ready to deploy to every device in your enterprise, with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android operating systems.

Cloud Native Architecture

Manage devices anywhere, no matter where they are without the expense of purchasing and maintaining on-premise solutions. Syxsense is built on a modern application architecture directly in the cloud for optimal stability, security, and responsiveness.

Patch Management & Endpoint Visibility

Complete visibility and management of all your IT assets whether they are roaming, at home, on the network, or in the cloud. 

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Policy-Based Automation for Security and Compliance

Patch and endpoint management, OS and security vulnerability scanning, and powerful no-code automation to deliver in a complete, unified, single cloud-native solution that supports all your compliance needs. 

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Zero Trust for Enhanced Cybersecurity 

Get all the capabilities in Manage and Secure, along with automation and pre-built vulnerability remediations, zero trust automation to vet, verify, and validate devices, and an open API to enable data integrations across a range of management and security tools.  

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