Syxsense for Hospitality & Retail

Make downtime a thing of the past

Streamline IT and Security Operations to reduce your attack surface, enforce policies and maintain regulatory compliance and business continuity

Don’t Suffer Through Outages

Keep your Point-of-Sale systems up from anywhere while protecting customer data

For hospitality and retail teams, operations uptime is the name of the game. Any interruption in ordering, point-of-sale, inventory, or other operational systems can affect customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and the company’s bottom line. Hospitality and retail IT environments must manage heavily distributed systems that need to be connected and stay connected, with the goal of ensuring that costly interruptions don’t happen. The IT teams managing these environments need to be able to confirm that patches and updates are happening on time, regardless of the device type or location, without disrupting staff’s day-to-day duties. What’s more, customer and employee data need to stay secure, for everyone’s sake.

Syxsense provides hospitality and retail IT teams with the peace of mind that patches are deployed on a timely basis, that vulnerabilities are remediated, and that operations are running smoothly.

Comprehensive asset management

It’s hard to manage an environment without full visibility. Syxsense provides a holistic view of your entire environment, combining patch management, remote control, remote device monitoring, mobile device management (MDM), and more to streamline IT maintenance tasks and consolidate tooling to reduce outages and service disruptions.

Streamline IT and security operations

By unifying your IT and security viewpoints, your team can triage issues in real time, reduce friction, and minimize unnecessary busywork on individual endpoints. Syxsense makes this possible with its automated workflows, vulnerability scanning, and built-in compliance reporting.

Stay secure and compliant

A cyber-attack can spell disaster for any business that relies as heavily on operations as hospitality and retail organizations do. Syxsense Cortex™ delivers the automated vulnerability scanning and risk remediation workflows that help keep your business safe from cyber-attacks and ensure you are compliant.

Our Mission

Manage and secure everything, everywhere, all the time from the cloud.

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Syxsense is proud to enable hundreds of global enterprises in reducing their IT and cyber risk with comprehensive visibility and control.

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