Syxsense for Healthcare

Streamline compliance, endpoint and vulnerability management

Automate and unify IT and Security Operations to deliver services securely and prove regulatory compliance with Syxsense.

Manage and Secure Endpoints for Seamless Provider-to-Patient Delivery

Consolidate endpoint risk remediation and IT operations to ensure high-quality care

Healthcare systems might just be some of the most complex IT environments out there. Devices vary from laptops to large imaging equipment, with different ages and operating systems. IT teams in healthcare have several things to keep in mind: patient safety and privacy, seamless service delivery, cybersecurity, routine IT maintenance, and more. Underscoring all of this is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), with guidance and consequences should something go wrong. All of this means reducing complexity needs to be a key goal for healthcare IT and Security teams. The ability to consolidate and automate tooling for repetitive and resource-heavy tasks is a life-saver (pun intended) for healthcare organizations.

Syxsense combines the best in IT operations with security-first risk remediation workflows that keep things running smoothly, without sacrificing privacy and security.

Comprehensive asset management

It’s hard to manage an environment without full visibility. Syxsense provides a holistic view of your entire environment, combining patch management, remote control, remote monitoring, mobile device management (MDM), and more to streamline IT maintenance tasks and consolidate tooling to reduce outages and service disruptions.

Streamline ITOps and SecOps

By unifying your IT and security viewpoints, your team can triage issues in real time, reduce friction, and minimize unnecessary busywork on individual endpoints. Syxsense makes this possible with automated workflows, vulnerability scanning, customizable dashboards, built-in reporting, and more.

Harden your security posture

Healthcare systems have been increasingly targets of massive, disruptive cyber-attacks. But yours doesn’t have to be one. Syxsense Cortex™ delivers automated vulnerability scanning and risk remediation workflows to reduce your attack surface, keeping your patient data, employee data, insurance information, and business information safer from cyber criminals.

Our Mission

Manage and secure everything, everywhere, all the time from the cloud.

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Syxsense is proud to enable hundreds of global enterprises in reducing their IT and cyber risk with comprehensive visibility and control.

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