Get Compliant. Stay Compliant. Prove Compliance.

  • Protect Sensitive Data. Ensure that customer and company data is obtained, stored, distributed, and secured according to regulatory requirements.
  • Prove Compliance. Generate compliance reports for regulatory agency audits as standards change and evolve.
  • Avoid Incident. Prevent financial penalties, loss of reputation and customers, and expensive lawsuits with automated processes and reporting.
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Compliance Strategy

As standards and regulations constantly change and evolve to better protect personal information, it’s imperative to have an integrated and automated strategy for obtaining and safeguarding data. You can easily uphold governmental and regulatory requirements for sensitive data protection and generate pre-made reports to auditors as evidence of compliance.

Industry Regulations

Businesses in industries like healthcare, financial services, retail and hospitality, among others, often have stricter regulatory requirements for protecting sensitive data, as well as heavier fines and penalties if they aren’t upheld. Syxsense safeguards data with automated policies to protect personal information and generates proof of compliance reports for regulatory standards, such as HIPAA.