Remediate more threats, faster.

  • Eliminate Threats. Don’t allow attackers to gain leverage in your environment by automating vulnerability management.
  • Remediate Faster. Reduce timeframes to remedy critical security vulnerabilities within hours of patch releases.
  • Limit Damage. Avoid business disruption, reputational damage, and the rising cost of data breaches.
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Remediation Management

Dynamic Queries

Queries give you greater control in organizing your inventory and applying patches. You can prioritize device groups and patches based on conditions that you tailor to your organization’s specific needs based on severity and risk, system configurations and affected processes, or critical systems that could be most damaged in an attack. With Syxsense, you can dynamically query and target your environment with safe and efficient deployments to secure your endpoints.

Tasks & Policies

Get real-time data on the status of every device in your environment during scans and deployments with scheduled tasks and triggered policies. Policies make endpoints truly intelligent by self-monitoring for behavioral and state changes even when the device is offline and communicating the results immediately to your Syxsense console as they come online, eliminating the time between scans and remediation task initiation.


Protect your endpoints and environment from found threats by quarantining devices from the rest of your network. When the Syxsense console receives information on unknown or unusual activity, the device is cut off from communication to corporate data and resources. The isolation period gives you time to remediate without leaving critical systems exposed to attack.

Maintenance & Blackout Windows

Use Maintenance and Blackout windows to specify times when changes should and should not be scheduled to manage deployments and protect devices during critical business hours. Syxsense provides options for Global Blackout, Task Level Blackout, and Device Level Blackout. Active Patch Tuesday scheduling is also available for phased deployments with recurring windows relative to the second Tuesday, making it easy to deploy new content automatically.