Quickly Identify Security Risks

Security Scanner

Prevent cybersecurity attacks with a robust security scanner that scans every endpoint in your enterprise for vulnerabilities along with registries and software configurations for flags, text entries, file versions, and more.

Security Scanner

Robust Risk Identification

One-Stop Scanning Shop

Comprehensive Management

Get visibility into OS and third-party software vulnerabilities and security issues such as defects, errors, or misconfigurations.

Automated Scans

Save time and effort with automated scans that are easy to repeat in the required frequency so you can identify and address potential risks before they cause any permanent damage.

Remove Risk

Identify and track vulnerabilities like open ports, insecure passwords, and ineffective user policies and deploy the solution from a single console.

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Identify and reduce risk.

With security scanning and patch management in one console, Syxsense is the only product that shows you what’s wrong and helps you resolve the issue. Get visibility into OS and third-party vulnerabilities like defects, errors, or misconfigurations of components, while increasing cyber resilience with automated patching and security scans.

Built into Syxsense Secure and Syxsense Enterprise, Security Scanner provides customers with an easy-to-use interface that’s ready to go from initial product implementation. Customers can set up recurring scans on a custom schedule and resolve any security issues immediately.

Cybersecurity Remediation

Proactive Solution To Security

Security Scanner Components

Traditional IT management solutions can only see the patching side of the equation. However, this leaves them blind to attack vectors, such as open ports, insecure passwords, and ineffective user policies. Additionally, traditional security scanners only do half the job by identifying and tracking possible vulnerabilities and exposure without eliminating the risk.

Security Content

Security content moves beyond OS vulnerabilities to detect weaknesses like user account misconfigurations, insecure passwords, antivirus, disabled firewalls or Bitlocker, crypto mining software, open ports, and more.

Security Families

With a constantly growing library of Security Families and thousands of security scripts, customers can easily lockdown potential breach points before they are hacked and understand severity, impact, exploited state, and solution path.

Security Summaries

Security scan summaries provide a real-time status overview and breakdown of your environment, quickly showing devices that are vulnerable, which devices need to be checked, and which devices are secure and provides the path to remediation.

Vulnerability Database

Syxsense’s Security Content team produces vulnerability information and remediations, with 24/7 coverage to quickly identify and develop fixes for OS and security vulnerabilities. Check out our open-source database for a sample of what our customers receive.

Join your industry peers in moving to a converged endpoint and vulnerability management platform where you can focus on your business instead of worrying about IT and cyber risk because you have both visibility and control over your infrastructure. Register Now to see the Syxsense platform in action and learn how you can manage and secure everything, everywhere from the cloud.

Manage and secure every endpoint from a single platform at the push of a button.

“Organizations are showing a clear preference to combine endpoint security and management rather than maintaining separate teams/responsibilities, with more than half (55%) [of survey respondents] reporting that they’ve already completely converged the two functions.”
ESG Research Group

Join your industry peers in moving to a converged endpoint and vulnerability management platform.

Syxsense gives IT and Security teams visibility and control over their environment: from keeping endpoints up to date with the latest patches to detecting and resolving vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, the Syxsense platform enables organizations to easily oversee their environment, stay ahead of potential threats, and prove compliance with real-time data and reporting. Find out more about our solutions below.

Syxsense Manage

Unified Endpoint Management

Get real-time visibility into all your devices, so your IT Operations teams can prioritize and automate critical tasks, from distributing software updates to deploying patches, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

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Syxsense Secure

Automated Endpoint Management

Gain control over your environment with automated endpoint management, including identifying endpoint vulnerabilities, and leverage policy enforcement, immediate device quarantining, and compliance reporting to drive towards effortless business operations.

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Syxsense Enterprise

Automated Endpoint and Vulnerability Management

Manage and secure your organization with an intuitive platform that automates and orchestrates every endpoint in your enterprise. Get all the capabilities in Manage and Secure, along with pre-built vulnerability remediations, a Zero Trust Evaluation Engine to vet, verify, and validate device posture, and an open API to enable data integrations across a range of management and security tools.

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Unified Platform for Complete Visibility

Support Across All Platforms

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Manage and secure everything, everywhere, all the time from the cloud.

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Syxsense is proud to enable hundreds of global enterprises in reducing their IT and cyber risk with comprehensive visibility and control.