Spot critical threats early

  • Reveal Vulnerabilities. Find weak spots and misconfiguration issues that put your sensitive data at risk of getting stolen or altered.
  • Mitigate Risk. Take back control of security compliance on every single device people in your organization use for work.
  • Bolster Threat Detection. We catch more than just OS and third-party vulnerabilities. Scan for security configurations such as open ports, antivirus status, disabled firewalls, and more.
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Vulnerability Database

Our extensive library of vulnerabilities is categorized by Security Family and includes the severity of each threat. The comprehensive catalog can be easily filtered to scan for specific types of vulnerabilities without the need to scan for everything. The families of security scripts included: antivirus, crypto mining, FTP, firewalls, port scanning, VPN, social networking, and more.

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Threat Alerts

The key to preventing cyberattacks is quick identification and resolution of security vulnerabilities. Syxsense alerts you to threats in real-time and quarantines devices immediately, isolating them from the rest of your network. This stops any malicious processes from spreading so you have time to resolve threats without attackers exploiting the vulnerability while you work.