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Unified visibility and control for your assets

Manage your assets and enforce security policies to reduce your attack surface and improve compliance with Syxsense.

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Effectively manage, patch, and maintain multiple systems from one console

State and local government agencies have a unique mandate: to provide their constituents with essential services and improve their quality of life via social and cultural programs. While this may seem relatively simple, each government has different governance structures, dozens of agencies, different missions, and more. This complexity, coupled with the hodge-podge of devices and servers across multiple locations, means meeting these various missions is a challenge. Keeping distributed legacy systems updated and patched helps ensure that they will not suffer outages that can impact service, but shoestring budgets make this tough to achieve. In addition to service challenges, security and privacy concerns are becoming more prevalent, as state and local governments and agencies have become high-value targets for malicious hackers.

With Syxsense, government organizations get a platform that consolidates IT management and security into one console, so that your resource-constrained IT teams can achieve its goals, without multiple tools or added headcount.

Comprehensive asset management

It’s hard to manage distributed and decentralized environments without full visibility. Syxsense combines patch management, remote control, monitoring, MDM (mobile device management), and more to allow small teams to do more with fewer tools in their stack, reducing complexity and increasing productivity.

Streamline IT and security operations

Unify your IT and security viewpoints so your team can triage issues in real time, reduce friction, and minimize unnecessary busywork on individual endpoints. Syxsense makes this possible with its automated workflows, vulnerability scanning, remediations, and customizable reporting.

Harden your security posture

Government agencies are experiencing increasing threats from cyber criminals. Syxsense Cortex™ delivers automated vulnerability scanning and risk remediation workflows that help keep your official, staff, and constituents safe from cyber-attacks.

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