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Financial institutions consistently rate among the most targeted organizations for cyber criminals, placing enormous focus and pressure on the IT and security teams tasked with protecting financial enterprises and their sensitive assets. In order to harden and optimize defenses properly, IT and security teams need to be able to deliver timely, consistent, and complete patches, remediations, and maintenance at scale. On top of it all, stringent regulations mandate robust controls and detailed reporting to demonstrate compliance.

Syxsense helps teams like yours ensure that they remain secure and compliant while delivering a best-in-class endpoint and vulnerability management solution in the same console.

Comprehensive asset management

It’s hard to manage an environment when you can only see some of your company’s assets. Syxsense provides a holistic view of your entire environment, combining patch management, remote control, monitoring, mobile device management (MDM), and more to streamline IT maintenance tasks and consolidate tooling.

Harden your security posture

Modern financial institutions are cyber targets, especially those with complex environments and a lot of data to protect. Syxsense Cortex™ delivers automated vulnerability scanning and risk remediation workflows that help keep your institution safe from cyber-attacks on the endpoint.

Robust compliance reporting

A failure to demonstrate compliance with your institution’s governing body can spell trouble for the organization in a litany of ways. Syxsense provides customizable dashboards and detailed reporting that enables your team to demonstrate how you are performing against your security controls.

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