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Automated vulnerability scanning and remediation

Lower your enterprise risk, improve your team’s productivity, and increase job satisfaction by automating your security operations with Syxsense.

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management

Secure your environment with automated scanning and remediation

Cybersecurity leaders know that they can’t protect and report on what they can’t see. This makes the security challenges associated with maintaining strong cyber hygiene and remediating vulnerabilities on the endpoint a very difficult task, especially in today’s distributed environments. Even a small IT environment can have global locations, a myriad of assets, and multiple operating systems, making consistent endpoint and vulnerability management a daunting responsibility. Throw in a limited budget and headcount, and it can be hard to keep up.

Automation is the key to mastering this dynamic scenario. Syxsense brings the visibility and customizable workflows needed to automate some of the most resource-intensive tasks in any IT environment. With one platform, security teams can ensure their entire environment is patched, while performing routine real-time scans to identify endpoint vulnerabilities and pushing remediations with the click of a button.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You lack the visibility needed to identify and assess security gaps in your environment or to have an accurate read on your organization’s risk level; particularly at the endpoint level.

  • You don’t have a consistent solution for distributing critical security patches and updates to your organization’s complex environment.

  • You feel the constant pressure and pain of maintaining compliance with both internal audit teams and external regulators, not to mention cyber insurance requirements.

  • You struggle to align security efforts and budget with the organization’s ITOps team, causing miscommunication, vulnerabilities, and unnecessary risk.

Syxsense can help you:

  • Gain visibility to detect, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities and cyber hygiene issues with fully customizable, security-first workflows.

  • Get powerful, actionable, insights that inject confidence into your organization’s cyber risk posture and decision-making.

  • Syxsense’s customizable dashboards provide complete visibility over your environment, streamlining the reporting necessary to show regulators, auditors and cyber insurers that you are complying with requirements.

  • Syxsense extends the capabilities of your team by delivering timely, consistent, and complete security patches and vulnerability remediation workflows, freeing up your team so they can focus on proactive measures to secure your business.

Our customers see the value!

We’re proud of our high rating on G2:

“I like that it is simple to click and remediate any security issues within our environment. It was super easy to implement into our environment. Our customer support representative is alway very responsive and helpful. We use Syxsense every week to scan our environment and patch our vulnerabilities on a regular schedule. It was super easy to integrate all aspects of Syxsense in to our environment.”

“Being able to automate our patching means both clients and servers remain up-to-date with security fixes leaving us more compliant with cyber standards and better prepared against security threats.”

“For our company, Syxsense is more than just a patch\security tool. It allows us to ensure all of our other admin and protection tools are installed and running on every device.”

“Syxsense helps with almost everything! The amount of possibilities within Cortex is excellent and made us try many different things in our environment that we could not do before. The patches and vulnerability scans are excellent and reliable as always, and the PowerShell options in device tools have saved our lives a few times.”

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