Manage, configure, and secure mobile devices

  • Work Anywhere. Safely allow employees to work with company resources from any device, including their own.
  • Secure Remotely. Lock, reset, and wipe mobile devices from your Syxsense console no matter their location.
  • iOS & Android. Mobile device management support for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
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Application Management

Silently install applications and version updates to enrolled devices in your network without user intervention. Applications can be whitelisted, blacklisted, or removed from devices remotely from your console and you can set download restrictions that limit application installations available to users.

Mobile Security

You can’t always control if a device falls into the wrong hands, but you can enforce standards for security challenges in case it happens. With MDM in Syxsense, you set the requirements users need to meet for the type and complexity of passcodes and PINs on devices that communicate with your network. In the event of lost or stolen devices, you can lock, reset, and wipe any devices remotely from your Syxsense console.

Data Containerization

Protect your company data beyond the lock screen. Isolate and protect corporate data on BYOD and company-issued devices with distinct Security Profiles. It’s a high security, cordoned off zone where access to your company data lives, with limited visibility and an extra layer of secure credentials.