Trust No Endpoint

  • Vet. Assume attackers exist within the network.
  • Verify. Check the security posture of both users and devices.
  • Validate. Reevaluate trust at each login and access attempt.
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ZERO TRUST Trust No Endpoint
Why Endpoint Management?

Zero Trust Approach

With the rise in security incidents, more organizations are adopting a Zero Trust framework to cybersecurity to protect their assets from attackers. Our approach to Zero Trust adopts the mantra “assume breach, never trust, always verify” to guard each individual asset – user, application, and device – by integrating them into a comprehensive strategy and constantly checking to verify trust.

Security Posture

The security posture of your endpoints consists of many critical factors that determine device health, such as required OS and third-party patches, security configurations, and encryption applications such as Bitlocker. We provide full visibility into the health of each endpoint communicating over the network to enable you to consistently discover, monitor, and manage the security posture of each device, quarantine devices that don’t meet security standards, and automatically remediate devices with open vulnerabilities.

Syxsense Blog

Trust Evaluation Enforcement

Syxsense Cortex gives teams the ability to build sophisticated access policies and remediation workflows to ensure Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) compliance. We authenticate the user and device at each login and access attempt asset-by-asset to establish identity, health, and compliance status via the Syxsense authentication framework or via API call to a multi-factor authentication tool, such as Duo, and automatically block and apply fixes for non-compliant endpoints.