In the News: Brute-force attacks surge worldwide, warns Cisco Talos
Published originally on April 17, 2024 by Steve Zurier on SC Magazine.


Cisco Talos issued a threat advisory saying it has seen a global increase in brute-force attacks against a variety of targets, including VPN services, web application authentication interfaces, and SSH services.

In its April 16 blog post, Cisco Talos said the uptick in brute-force attacks on popular VPN brands was observed since at least March 18. The researchers said the attacks are indiscriminate and don’t appear targeted toward any specific region or country.


Why security teams need to take Cisco’s warning seriously

While brute-force attacks are a longstanding method employed by cyber adversaries, the scale and systematic execution of these recent attacks signify an escalation in threat activities, said Emily Phelps, director at Cyware. Phelps said this trend underscores the necessity for continuous adaptation in cybersecurity defenses.

Ashley Leonard, CEO of Syxsense, told SC Magazine:

“What’s interesting here is that Cisco felt it was relevant to call these attacks out,”

“t’s possible their research team has seen something more troubling, but they’re only able to release a fairly generic statement. But the statement has the intended effect: it highlights the importance for businesses to revisit and strengthen their defenses.”

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