Is There a Patching Alternative to WSUS?

Is There a Patching Alternative to WSUS?

Still Using WSUS?

Tired of scouring through forums to figure out why WSUS isn’t installing updates? Do you keep getting errors even though you followed every step perfectly?

While WSUS is a free update tool, it is extremely limited. There is no way to track the status of your tasks, report on work done, or deploy non-Microsoft updates.

Why You Should Pay for an IT Management Solution

While WSUS might come with Windows, it is certainly not free. There are hidden expenses to consider. Looking at the number of hours wasted, and additional software needed to fully manage your environment, WSUS comes out as more expensive than any paid-for IT management software.

Spending so many resources on only updating your Windows OS is a dramatic waste of the time your IT team could spend on more critical or interesting projects.

Implementing a solution, such as Syxsense, will simplify your deployment process. From a single browser Syxsense can manage PCsMacs, and Linux devices, as well as devices inside and outside the network. You can also deploy third-party software, track task status, generate reports, and more. You can patch everything, everywhere, all from the cloud.

The Syxsense Advantage

Syxsense allows you to:

  • See your full inventory and vulnerability status
  • Prioritize and deploy patches based upon severity
  • Start patching endpoints within minutes

Syxsense Manage and Syxsense Secure can easily resolve vulnerabilities across your entire environment. Find peace of mind by trusting your Syxsense and set up a free trial today.

Experience the Power of Syxsense

Syxsense has created innovative and intuitive technology that sees and knows everything. Manage and secure your environment with a simple and powerful solution.