Why Financial Organizations Say They’re Relying on Endpoint Security, Management, and Zero Trust

I’ve been alerted by my bank about their hack, and it looks like I’m one of the victims.

I’d like to know what they are doing to protect my money and prevent this from happening again.

Financial services firms are adopting new technologies like cloud computing, big data analytics, mobile apps, and social media to drive growth in their businesses.

They need to maintain, manage, and secure their critical systems, applications, and infrastructure — all while responding to new demands for new technologies, products, services, and new ways to serve customers.

There’s a few aspects of cybersecurity no business should go without:

  • A response and playbook ready to go after an incident.
  • The principle of “never trust, always verify.” 
  • A way to monitor all of their devices including mobile ones, whether they’re on-premises or at home, and knowing they’re all following your security policies. 

The financial sector is undergoing a massive shift in how it manages its internet-connected devices.

What is Unified Security and Endpoint Management (USEM)?

USEM lets you see, manage, secure, and monitor all the devices accessing your systems and network. It doesn’t matter whether those devices are Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, or Android — they are all put into a single management console. These are your endpoints. All your devices used for work that connect to the internet.

Managing them should be as easy as possible (and not take all day). When they’re automatically inventoried with hardware specs, manufacturer info, and serial numbers, making it more convenient to:

  • Create and send workflows.
  • Minimize the intricacies as more devices become part of your organizational ecosystem.
  • Get real-time visuals on device health, state, and events.
  • Guarantee that all devices adhere to the security standards set by you.

Why should financial enterprises consider USEM?

The risk of a single device…

It can originate from an out-of-date app.

Or happens after someone clicks a link in a fake email (otherwise known as phishing.)

Whether human error or a newly discovered attack path through a vulnerability, cloud-native USEM gives you real-time connections to endpoints so you can see what needs to be updated and what’s in bad health.

Another great option for those who to streamline their IT processes, but don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves: automation.

Automatically isolate those devices so they don’t affect the integrity of your entire network.

It takes over tasks such as updating software applications, patches, and security configurations before they take over you. 

USEM and Zero Trust Evaluations for Device Attestation

“Never trust, always verify.” 

This means that no user or device, inside or outside the network perimeter, receives automatic trust.

With a zero-trust (ZT) approach, each endpoint undergoes scrutiny through device attestation before gaining network access. 

Confirm their status before confirming their trustworthiness. 

Only trusted devices can access sensitive data. 

ZT requires a more proactive approach to information protection by implementing strict access rules rather than relying on users to make good decisions.

Threats can come from any source, including employees. 

USEM and Zero Trust: the combination of these two strategies is a potent one for reducing risk and fortifying security.

The smart way to mitigate risk with USEM

USEM solutions are inherently innovative, and innovation is the driving force behind a culture of security.

The financial industry is facing a unique set of challenges when it comes to security. They need a new way of securing their data that is cost-effective, scalable, and dynamic enough to match the environments they work in.

Keep your current infrastructure (no spending thousands of dollars on new equipment) and your systems up-to-date without having to worry about compatibility issues or re-training staff members.

By providing tools for enforcing security policies, tracking compliance, monitoring all devices on the network, and identifying and remediating IT and cyber risks (e.g., vulnerabilities), USEM empowers financial businesses to mitigate cyber risks.

It’s the perfect balance of safety without sacrificing ease of use and accessibility.

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