White Paper: Avoiding Patch Doomsday

Creating the Ultimate Patch Strategy

Unpatched applications and systems not only expose security risks, they also open the door to data loss, corruption, and performance issues. Even with an understanding of best practices, it is still difficult to create a trustworthy process.

To avoid Patch Doomsday, it is critical for every organization to implement a strong, efficient patch management strategy.

Patching should be a standard IT process to ensure your organization is always protected. Although many companies rely on auto-updates, our whitepaper explains why this can actually lead to more security holes.

A simple approach is the key to IT success. This doesn’t mean worrying about cyberattacks for a week every time something like WannaCry or NotPetya hits the press.

This whitepaper breaks down the assumptions that many IT professionals have about managing their environment. When a future ransomware attack occurs, these mistakes could significantly contribute to the spread of malware.

When the next doomsday strikes, you should be completely bulletproof. Embrace an intuitive approach to patch management.