January Third-Party Security Updates

Latest Third-Party Updates

This month there are several notable updates with CVSS ratings. Apple has released critical fixes for two of their OS platforms. Adobe and Foxit both have patches with high ratings. Prioritize these updates when securing your environment.

Still using WSUS?

If so, how are you deploying third-party security updates?
It’s time to switch to an IT management solution that can deploy any security updates required. Don’t rely on an incomplete tool that can only deploy windows updates. Syxsense can deploy a wide-range of updates, including Windows, Mac, and Linux software.

Third-Party Updates

Vendor Category Patch Version and Release Notes: CVSS Score and Rating
Adobe Multi-purpose software Flash Player, ActiveX, and AIR: v32.0.0.114Acrobat and Reader DC: v19.010.20069 N/A7.8 and High
Apple Operating Systems macOS: v10.14.3macOS High Sierra: v10.13.6

iTunes: v12.9.3.3

9 and Critical9 and Critical


Don Ho Text and Source Code Editor Notepad: v7.6.3 N/A
Evernote Organization App Evernote: v6.17.6.8292 N/A
FileZilla FTP application FileZilla: v3.40.0 N/A
Foxit Corporation PDF software FoxitReader: v9.4.0 6.3 and High
Google Browser Google Earth Pro: v7.3.2.5495 N/A
KeePass Open-source password manager KeePass: v2.41 N/A
Mozilla Browser and Email Application Firefox: v64.0.2 N/A
Opera Web Browser Opera: v58.0.3135.47 N/A
Oracle Computer Programing Language Java: v8u202 N/A
Peter Pawlowski Audio Player Foobar2000: v1.4.2 N/A
RealVNC Remote Access Software RealVNC Viewer: v6.19.1 N/A
WinSCP Web Client WinSCP: v5.13.7 N/A
Wireshark Open-source packet analyzer Wireshark: v2.6.6 N/A