Third-Party Patch Update: September 2018

Virobot Will Return

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has identified a new malware, Virobot. While it doesn’t appear to be connected to a previous strain of ransomware, it uses familiar techniques.

However, Virobot is ransomware, keylogger, and botnet all in one.

The ransomware infects the device and locks it down. While waiting for the ransom payment, it can then log key strokes, pull down additional ransomware to install, and use the device as a bot to spread itself.As of the writing of this article, the Virobot C&C server was down. Thanks to previous examples, we can infer that this was likely only a test. Cyber actors will test out their capabilities in such a way to prepare for a larger attack later.

Will you be prepared for when that happens?

Ready for Anything

Use Syxsense to survey your environment and rapidly deploy any needed updates. On the home page, you can quickly see which devices require critical updates.

By clicking on the gadget, you’ll jump right into a patch deployment process, pre-populated to deploy all critical updates to all devices that need them. You can easily modify this task to be more specific or start the task as-is to deploy the critical patches.

Third-Party Patch Updates

Below is a table of third-party updates:

Vendor Category Patch Version and Release Notes:
Adobe Media Software  

Flash and Air: v31 –


Apple Media Software  

iTunes: v12.9.0.167 –



Evernote: v6.15.3.7881 –


FileZilla FTP Solution  

FileZilla: v3.37.0 –


Google Browser  

Chrome: v69.0.3497.100 –


KeePass Password Manager  

KeePass: v2.40 –


Mozilla Browser and Email Application  

Firefox: v62.0.2 –


RealVNC Remote Access Software  

RealVNC Viewer: v6.18.907 –


VSRevo Group  

Revo Uninstaller Pro: v4.0 –