Will You Avoid This Major Security Threat?

Two Major Vulnerabilities Could Expose You

Security vulnerability CVE-2018-8225 and CVE-2018-8267 are both publicly disclosed exploits that have garnered high CVSS scores. These weaknesses were reported to Microsoft through Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI).

CVE-2018-8225 is a vulnerability that impacts the Windows DNS component DNSAPI.dll. An attacker can leverage this flaw to execute arbitrary code by using a malicious DNS server and specially crafted DNS responses.CVE-2018-8267 allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code if they can convince the targeted user to open a malicious web page or file. It’s important to ensure patches have been deployed to secure these vulnerabilities, as exploitation seems likely.Syxsense can give you the peace of mind that your devices are up to date. It’s simple to scan your networks and see which devices need updates.

Creating a task is straight forward and you’ll have your devices secured without ever having disrupted the productivity of your company.