Future Windows 10 Updates Will Demand Dedicated Disk Space

The Next Upgrade Will Section Off 7GB of Storage

Due sometime in March or April, the next Windows update will do something new. 1903 will section off and hold 7GB of drive space. This sectioning is being called “reserved storage” and Microsoft argues it will improve functionality by guaranteeing there will always be space for critical OS functions.
Windows updates have always required a chunk of storage space to run the update. But after the task had been completed, that space was released back to the user. Now, it will create a section that will always be held. However, new updates will utilize this new portion before attempting to take any more space in an update.There are still unknowns about how this will work. For instance, will this reserved storage space be manageable through group policies?
This change leaves IT with an important question, do all Windows devices have the necessary space to facilitate this new demand? To prevent going to every single device and noting its current storage space, utilize an IT solution with comprehensive inventory information.Syxsense Realtime Security displays current data from your devices. The information is fresh; not from hours or minutes ago, but from right now.Looking at the free disk space information, there will be no question as to which devices have enough space to handle this new Windows function.
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