Patch Outdated Systems

The United States Postal Service has finally patched a known critical vulnerability that left 60 million user’s data exposed for over a year. As horrifying as the news is, the USPS’s actions shouldn’t come as a surprise: a recent report states that nearly 60% of organizations that suffered a data breach in the past two years cite a known vulnerability for which they had not yet patched as the cause.

It seems like many organizations have still not learned the lesson to patch outdated systems from last year’s WannaCry and NotPetya attacks. Just weeks after WannaCry crippled the NHS and broader industries, NotPetya hit, using the same exploit. It only took NotPetya 7 minutes to cripple worldwide systems.While on average, organizations spend about 320 hours a week on vulnerability response, they should really prioritize patching based on risk of exploitation; unite security and IT staff so they have a common view of vulnerabilities and IT configuration data; and automate as much of the process as possible.

Syxsense delivers realtime device information, providing IT and security operations teams with 10-second visibility and control over every endpoint, allowing IT and security teams to improve decision making and response time by knowing what is actively occurring in the IT environment and remediate threats and issues in seconds.

Realtime Security solves the current challenge with legacy IT management tools, which collects device data on a scan frequency and then stores it in a database. That data becomes an out-of-date, stale snapshot the minute it is collected.  Information could be an hour, a day, a month old with devices missing, software installed, or a malware process running. With Realtime Security, receive live, accurate, data from thousands of devices in under 10 seconds then instantly detect running .exes, malware or viruses and kill those processes before they spread.

What Is Realtime Security?

  • Live:  Realtime Security pulls live data from thousands of devices, direct to a web console, in seconds. By eliminating stale data, IT management and security decisions are based on what is happening right now, not in the past.


  • Accurate: If device scans are run at night when devices are offline, hidden behind a firewall or roaming, security and IT teams have an incomplete view of their environment. Realtime Security eliminates blind spots enabling teams to manage their environment with 100% visibility.
  • Actionable: With no steep learning curve, Realtime Security’s simple to learn web interface leverages AI, and empowers teams with the information and skill to act instantly.


  • Secure:  Why juggle multiple consoles for device and security management? In a single place, security and IT operations can understand their exposed security risk, patch, deploy software, stop security breaches, satisfy compliance agencies and more.

Whether organizations are looking for endpoint security or IT management capabilities, including patch management, software distribution and remote control, Realtime Security is the only cloud-based approach to security and systems management which enables 10-second endpoint visibility and control thousands of devices.