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Bad Dog! Ubuntu Mutt Exploitable Vulnerability

By July 24, 2018June 22nd, 2022No Comments
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According to a recently released Ubuntu security notice, there are several vulnerabilities within Mutt Ubuntu. The following CVEs detail how an attacker could execute arbitrary code through Mutt incorrectly handling certain requests. In addition, certain inputs could provide access to, or even expose, sensitive information.

(CVE-2018-14350, CVE-2018-14352, CVE-2018-14354, CVE-2018-14359, CVE-2018-14358, CVE-2018-14353 , and CVE-2018-14357.)

Below are the effected versions:


Updates have been released to address these vulnerabilities. Syxsense has them within their patch database. Within the console, select these updates and simply target any device running the affected versions. You’ll also need to restart Mutt once the updates have been deployed.

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