Critical Flaws in Global Security Cameras

Global Security Infrastructure Exposed

Axis Communications, the global market leader for IP enabled security cameras, has confirmed there are seven major vulnerabilities in 400 of its security camera models.

Axis’ cameras are frequently used as part of critical security infrastructure in places like the Sydney Airport, Moscow Metro and the City of Houston.Exploitation of these vulnerabilities would allow malicious actors to gain complete control of the camera and its video stream.

Remotely targeting the device, someone could do such things as view the video stream, freeze the video, control the direction of the camera, add the device to a botnet, modify the software, and other actions that could destroy security.It’s important to keep track of what devices are within your environment. But can your IT tool detect IoT devices? With Syxsense, you get the full picture of your environments. Not only can CMS detect PCs, Macs, and Linux devices, but it can detect any device with an IP address.