In the News: Syxsense Adds Live Monitoring, Eyes AI in 2024

Published originally on February 7, 2024 on MSSP Alert.

Monitoring endpoints is table stakes for managed service providers (MSPs) and managed security service providers (MSSPs). These service providers often rely on endpoint management software or remote monitoring and management software to do the job.

Syxsense, which bills itself as an automated endpoint and vulnerability management solution provider, recently rolled out a significant update to its service offering that will enhance the security capabilities that MSSPs and MSPs can offer to their end user companies.

The company’s previous monitoring was performed at frequencies set by MSPs or MSSPs — daily, weekly, or maybe even monthly on Patch Tuesday. The update brings live monitoring capabilities to the platform.

Explaining his company’s market evolution, said:

“Three years ago, we were analyzing why people were buying our technology and the primary use cases were for things such as patching and endpoint management. These are adjacent to security management, and the majority of breaches occur because of unpatched vulnerabilities. We felt there was a huge opportunity in the market to bridge the gap between the kind of vulnerability scanning and endpoint management and to be able to not just report on the problems but to actually fix them. That’s what we’ve delivered with Syxsense.”