How Vulnerability Scanners Help Work From Home

How Vulnerability Scanners Help Work From Home

What is a Vulnerability Scanner?

Vulnerability scanners scan a computer and raise an alert if they discover any vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could use to gain access to any computer you have connected to a network.

Vulnerability scanners are not complete security solutions, but they are one small part of a good security strategy. Most do not actively prevent attacks; it is only a tool that checks your computers to find vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. It is up to the system administrator to patch these vulnerabilities in order to create a security solution.

How Vulnerability Scanning Helps Remote And Home Users

That is where Syxsense Secure comes in. Syxsense Secure is the first product to combine IT management, patching, and security vulnerability scans in a single cloud solution.  Now IT has the ability to manage and secure vulnerabilities and security weaknesses exposed by open ports, disabled firewalls, ineffective user account policies, and security compliance violations from remote workers and those on the corporate network.

The vulnerability scanner assesses items such as user security and port status. At a time when organizations are sending their fleet home, the biggest concern is end-user security awareness and whether or not they’re following protocol. Proactively validating these attack vectors allows for a safer work-from-home experience.

Experience the Power of Syxsense

Syxsense has created innovative and intuitive technology that sees and knows everything. Manage and secure your environment with a simple and powerful solution.