Adobe Issues Emergency Flash Update

Don’t Hesitate: Update Flash Immediately

Adobe issued a security advisory update for Flash Player on Windows, Macintosh, Linux and Chrome OS. If you have Flash installed, update or remove Flash now.

The updates address critical vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to access a vulnerable system, allowing a remote attacker to execute code on a user’s device and seize control over the device. Read the full security bulletin from Adobe here.

Although it is vital to have Flash’s global settings set to install updates automatically, security updates are not always available to you. A better option is to manage your updates and third-party patches with a solution like Syxsense.

Why is Adobe Flash Player a consistent target for hackers?

An extremely powerful and buggy program that binds itself to the browser, Flash is a favorite of attackers and malware. It is installed on endless number of devices and many people use it for Flash-based media such as online video content. Attackers frequently rely on people having Flash installed, making it an easy, accessible target.

The version of Adobe Flash Player currently installed on your computer is likely out-of-date. Users may have improperly configured updates or software updates when a new one is released. Massively used software that hasn’t been kept updated with the latest patches is a hacker’s favorite target.

Third-party software, such as Flash, tends to be left for last or forgotten about. This could pose a greater vulnerability to your systems.

With Syxsense, creating a strategic deployment is rapid, reliable, and stable. We have the leading library of third-party vendors and are always adding more based on customer recommendations.

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