Cybersecurity Strategy Needs To Be More Dynamic

The digital world moves very fast, but a new survey claims that cybersecurity strategy does not move fast enough to keep up with threats — and experts tend to agree.

A new survey conducted by the SANS Institute and sponsored by Illumio Inc. broke down common attack vectors and pain points in cybersecurity strategy. Illumio’s takeaway was that cybersecurity needs to get more dynamic and adaptive. Experts tend to agree on that, but don’t agree on how to achieve adaptability.

The survey, The State of Dynamic Data Center and Cloud Security in the Modern Enterprise, polled 430 security and risk professionals across a range of business sizes and found that 44% of the respondents who had experienced a breach and were able to share their experience suffered the loss of sensitive data. Respondents also revealed that 63% had experienced at least one breach resulting in data loss over the past 24 months.Illumio found that fears about attacks didn’t always match the reality of attacks. While 68% of respondents feared attacks that took advantage of access management vulnerabilities, only 18% blamed access management as the actual root cause of compromise in breaches.

While experts agreed that cybersecurity strategy needs to change in order to be faster, more dynamic and more adaptive, how to best do that was a point of disagreement.Robert Brown, director of services for Verismic Software, advocated for increased use of cloud and subscription services.

“I have seen evidence of the vast infrastructure these companies use, like Dropbox and Office365, which have the crème de la crème of resources and technology working to keep your data and service as safe as possible. I’ll encourage everyone to use the cloud, and I see very little to sway me otherwise.”

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