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Watch the Webcast: Securing Work-From-Home Devices

By April 9, 2020June 22nd, 2022No Comments

Watch the Webcast: 5 Strategies for Securing Work-From-Home Devices

As many organizations navigate the realities of remote work, our webcast shows how to get a clear understanding of how vulnerable your work-from-home devices are to attack.

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Reduce Your Attack Surface from Home

Whether you are heading into week two or three of COVID-19 isolation, your IT landscape has undoubtedly changed.

Our webcast explores the best way to get a clear understanding of how vulnerable your work-from-home devices are to attack. Explore the top five strategies to harden devices, reduce your attack surface, and find peace of mind.

We’re bringing industry-leading IT management and security strategies right to your desk. Our webinar covers:

  • Setting up security scans—because patch scans only do half the job
  • Using security scanning results to block brute force attacks
  • Confirming antivirus is installed, running, and definitions are updated
  • Quarantining and troubleshooting a device you suspect has been breached
  • Checking and deploying patches for zero-day vulnerabilities
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View the Webcast

5 Strategies for Securing Work-From-Home Devices

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Experience the Power of Syxsense

Syxsense has created innovative and intuitive technology that sees and knows everything. Manage and secure your environment with a simple and powerful solution.

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