CPU Meltdown: Emergency Patching For Every Device

Protect Yourself from the Worldwide ‘Meltdown’

Reports across the internet are confirming that every CPU since 1995, whether it’s Intel, AMD, ARM, or other, has a major security flaw.

According to Google’s Project Zero, and admissions by the CPU’s own manufactures, there is an issue with how chips handle speculative execution, allowing access to passwords and other sensitive data without leaving a trace.The two attack vectors that researchers are concerned about are Meltdown and Spectre. It is not entirely certain if security products can even detect these malware. To be clear, there is no evidence of exploitation yet, but researchers are deeply worried. They pointed out that the attacks don’t leave any traces in traditional log files and they are unlikely to be detected by security products.

Attacks using this exploit can be launched against PCs, mobile devices, and servers. Any devices that have CPUs manufactured by Intel, AMD, and ARM are vulnerable. Which, in short, is almost every CPU based device in the world.

Developers are rushing to create updates that will close this vulnerability. It seems Windows and Mac have already slipped in updates that should help mitigate exposure to this vulnerability. But it is believed that Microsoft will release an update within their usual Patch Tuesday content, and that other companies will quickly follow.We highly recommend Syxsense customers download the latest patch updates to their systems as soon as possible. The required updates are now available within our patch content.

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