In the News: Top Data Security and Privacy Insights for Organizations During Data Privacy Week 2024
Published originally on January 23, 2024 on Enterprise Security Tech.


This is part 2 of our Data Privacy Week series. We heard from top cybersecurity experts about what is shaping the data privacy landscape today and why and how organizations should be focusing their data privacy efforts.

Ashley Leonard, CEO and Founder at Syxsense 

“Over the past year, there has been a surge of state data privacy laws being enacted; Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Tennessee, and Texas all enacted their own laws, joining the initial group of California, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, and Connecticut. While in theory this overall may be good for personal privacy, this patchwork approach creates compliance challenges for businesses operating across multiple states. This will typically result in gaps and, ultimately, may not be as strong as a single, unified approach to data privacy.

It’s impossible to not see the impact AI is having on data privacy. For one, California has made shifts to its data broker law to give consumers more control over the sale of their personal information. Part of this is due to how much personal data is running through AI algorithms now as part of training models or to create baselines for AI outputs. Another example is the use of AI to diagnose health conditions. While this data may be de-identified before use, it is not usually anonymized, making it possible for people to be connected back to the diagnosis or health data.

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