In the News: AI Skills Can Outweigh Experience in Many Hiring Managers’ Eyes
Published originally on January 17, 2024 on TechNewsWorld.


A majority of hiring managers would prefer to hire a candidate with fewer years of relevant work experience but more experience with artificial intelligence, according to new research released Monday by Resume Templates.

Based on a survey of 780 hiring managers, the research asked the participants to choose from four potential candidates with varying years of experience and degrees of AI skills. More than half (56%) of the managers chose a candidate with relevant experience and some AI skills.

Soft Skills Still Matter

When considering a new hire, AI experience shouldn’t outweigh job experience, maintained Ashley Leonard, CEO of Syxsense, a cloud-native, automated endpoint and vulnerability management company in Aliso Viejo, Calif. “In my opinion, both skill sets are important to have,” he said.

“While AI can do a lot of heavy lifting on tasks like writing code, the person who is using AI for that task needs to understand if the output is correct or good,” Leonard told TechNewsWorld. “It’s hard to know that without having firsthand knowledge or job experience.”

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