Making HIPAA compliance easier.

One suite for endpoint management and security takes care of patching, remediation, automation, and reporting.

Proving Compliance

The last thing you want to be doing is pulling data from multiple sources, overlapping tools, and figuring out how to format and word the report. Such are the realities that IT teams in healthcare have to contend with when it comes to audits. Even with rigorous policies and procedures in place, meeting these requirements still proves to be a challenge. Reluctance, limited budgets, guesswork, and overworked cybersecurity teams — these are all symptoms of not having full visibility with endpoint security and management. 

Your team needs a paradigm shift in handling security audits, reviews, and not only knowing but proving the ways you keep Protected Health Information (PHI) safe. 

It’s having the confidence to say, “We have a clear and documented process for patching and vulnerability management. Here’s the health and behavior of all of our devices, right now.”

In security, you have different days and different problems. But with Syxsense, worrying about an audit isn’t one of them.

Validation, Not Guesswork

With continuous monitoring, healthcare providers can provide accurate, real-time proof to meet HIPAA compliance.

When it comes to your security audits and reviews of regulatory requirements, don’t settle for anything less than the confidence that you’re doing everything right.

Assurance comes from a single console view with enterprise-wide visibility of all your assets, vulnerabilities, and compliance status.

  • Enable faster response time and time-to-containment of breaches

  • Providing a single console view for enterprise-wide visibility of all assets, vulnerabilities and compliance status

  • Scan and monitor 100% of IT assets and applications without compromising data

Be Confident in Your Compliance

Strength in security with powerful compliance features.

Syxsense provides IT management, comprehensive ransomware protection, and real-time threat alerting. Protect sensitive information, protect patients who depend on you, demonstrate HIPAA compliance, and reassure partners and regulators that your environment is secure. Here are key features that help you check every box.

OS and 3rd Party Patches

Easily scan your environment and detect missing patch updates and security misconfigurations that could leave your endpoints open to attack. Deploy patches based on CVSS severity or device location.

Accurate, Real-time Device Inventory

Maintain an accurate, real-time inventory of systems with built-in reporting for clear HIPAA compliance.

Automated Remediations

Reduce your attack surface and stay a step ahead of malicious hackers by automating remediations to meet the HIPAA Security Rule.

HIPAA Compliance

Here’s how we can help

Syxsense software provides automated device monitoring, endpoint management, vulnerability scanning, and remediation. Protect sensitive information, demonstrate HIPAA compliance, and reassure customers, partners, and regulators that your environment is secure.

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What We Offer

Powerful compliance features

The Syxsense platform enables enterprises to demonstrate their compliance with HIPAA requirements. Below are just a few features to help you check every box.

Patch Scans

Scan systems in real time and identify any missing patches.

Patch Deployment

Deploy patches based on CVSS severity or device location

Device Inventory

Maintain an inventory of systems for HIPAA compliance.

Compliance Reports

Easily download patch status reports for verification.

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