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Windows 10 Remote Work Bug: Zero-Day Vulnerability

By March 31, 2020July 21st, 2022No Comments

Windows 10 Remote Work Bug: Zero-Day Vulnerability

New patches are available to address a Microsoft zero-day vulnerability, however these updates are not being made available in WSUS.

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More VPN Woes Amid Zero-Day Microsoft Vulnerability

With the unprecedented amount of staff working from home, the VPN is now more in demand than ever. Any IT professional whose remote workforce depends on VPN will be concerned about today’s zero-day vulnerability released by Microsoft.

The out-of-band optional update is now available on the Microsoft Update Catalog to address a known issue whereby devices using a proxy, especially those using a virtual private network (VPN), might show limited or no internet connection status.

This should be simple enough, however these updates are not being made available via WSUS, so an alternative method must be adopted this time around.

Users of Syxsense will find the following patches in their console for immediate deployment:

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