Why You Should Combine Your IT Management and Security Operations Strategy

Why You Should Combine Your IT Management and Security Operations Strategy

How IT Security is Changing

Companies initially put up firewalls and installed antivirus software to prevent security breaches. But it wasn’t long before ransomware came along and shattered the status quo, shifting the focus to endpoint detection and response (EDR).

With that, the market for endpoint-security software exploded.

However, organizations are forced to cobble together a variety of barely compatible vendors to meet all of their cybersecurity needs. Multiple solutions with their own infrastructure, deployment processes, training, and ongoing management. With skyrocketing costs, one thing became crystal clear: Companies are searching for an option that combines systems management tools, EDR, and vulnerability/threat management in a single, seamless platform.

Being in the vanguard of systems and patch management, Syxsense is the first to combine endpoint management and security that provides greater efficiency between IT management and security teams. In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, Syxsense is at the forefront of a security revolution.

With AI-driven threat protection, Syxsense enables customers to have a “sixth sense” for security vulnerabilities and breaches. That is the power of complete endpoint visibility and predictive technology.

The Current Security Landscape

A recent article by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) confirms this scenario: “ESG research shows that 77% of companies surveyed plan to move to an integrated security suite with a preference towards a single vendor, with an even split between companies who are looking to next-gen providers and those looking to the large, established security players.”

While security vendors continue to increase the efficacy of their preventative solutions, security users are demanding simplification in the security stack, wanting to work with fewer tools and vendors. ESG concluded that “this means that organizations will need to depend on today’s tools providers to bring together at least the core prevention, detection, and response capabilities, in addition to managed services to assist in the implementation and management of these functions.”

The Syxsense Advantage

Our strategy is to simplify technology, which includes the consolidation of siloed endpoint security tools into a single agent for centralized security functions; merging of endpoint protection platforms (EPP) and EDR; and combining pre-execution prevention, post-execution detection, and response/remediation.

Syxsense believes the time is right to include endpoint management in the EPP/EDR mix. This creates an opportunity for consolidated technology that unifies the essential pieces across all three functions for greater efficiency, collaboration, and reduced costs—especially for SMB and mid-market enterprises.

Cyber criminals never stop working, and neither does Syxsense. We will help you secure your network from criminals who never give up on finding new ways to steal your company’s data and cripple your business. That’s why we’ve created an end-to-end solution that combats security threats, start to finish. Built for businesses that have limited resources but still need innovative security technology, Syxsense has brought together all of the essential components required to secure your enterprise quickly and easily—today.

Until now, what this all meant to the IT and security teams looking to stay on top of things was chaos in the market for security software.

Simplifying Endpoint Security

Syxsense has done everything it can to end this chaos and simplify endpoint security in the 2020s. New endpoint types, such as Internet of Things (IoT), workforce trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and operating system and software vulnerabilities that require countless patches across increasingly complex networks, make endpoint management a real slog.

Endpoint management challenges increase the risk for exposure to threats. If businesses fail at endpoint management, they will fall victim to a security breach that could have been avoided.

Experience the Power of Syxsense

Syxsense has created innovative and intuitive technology that sees and knows everything. Manage and secure your environment with a simple and powerful solution.