Worried about Cloud Security? Why On-Premise is More Dangerous

Worried about Cloud Security? Why On-Premise is More Dangerous

Attackers Targeting On-Premise Software

Remote IT management solutions firm ConnectWise is warning its customers that hackers are targeting its on-premise software to gain access to client networks and install ransomware.

First notifying its customers via Twitter on November 7, ConnectWise said it was aware of “recent reports of malicious actors targeting open ports for ConnectWise Automate on-premises application to introduce ransomware…Please ensure that your ports are not left open to the internet based on our best practices.”

In a separate statement, ConnectWise said that “in an effort to protect our partners, we will not publicly disclose the specific port that is being targeted. We are communicating with our impacted Automate on-premise partners and are happy to answer any questions offline.”

The company is recommending that customers visit a support page and follow the steps provided to secure the on-premise Automate implementations and prevent the attacks. These steps involve closing Automate ports exposed to the internet.

Reaction to the Attacks

Some customers who received this information were confused and wanted to know more, such as the actual ports that were being exploited or the type of attacks. One such user pointed out that the support page appears to contradict itself by persuading customers to open the ports, then to close it.


ZDNet asked ConnectWise for additional details about the attacks, but the company did not respond. ZDNet went on to state that if customers would know what ports the attackers are targeting, the types of attacks hackers are launching, or what type of ransomware hackers are attempting to install, this would help many companies take preventative measures.

This would be the second time this year that attackers have targeted ConnectWise to penetrate its customer networks and deploy ransomware. In February, a malicious group exploited an outdated plugin for ConnectWise Manage to deploy versions of the GandCrab ransomware on the networks of more than 100 companies, stated ZDNet.

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