Whitepaper: Top 5 Patch Mistakes

Avoiding Major Patch Pitfalls

With countless approaches to patch management, there are many misconceptions about the best strategy. After a year of global cyberattacks such as WannaCry and Petya, companies need to take every step against critical vulnerabilities and future outbreaks.

There is no excuse for delaying patching or taking major missteps when IT security is on the line. In many cases, heavily targeted vulnerabilities are addressed in previous patches, one of the many reasons it should be top priority.A simple effective patch management strategy is the key to IT success. This doesn’t mean worrying about cyberattacks for a week every time something like WannaCry hits the press.

Patching should be a standard IT process to ensure your organization is always protected. Although many companies rely on auto-updates, our whitepaper explains why this can actually lead to more security holes.

This whitepaper breaks down the assumptions that many IT professionals have about managing their environment. When a future ransomware attack occurs, these mistakes could significantly contribute to the spread of malware.

When the next doomsday strikes, you should be completely bulletproof. With a critical patch management approach, you will always be prepared.