Verismic will take on 20 MSPs by end of year

The company’s 20 new MSPs will support sales and deployments of its endpoint management technology

Verismic is hoping to recruit 20 new MSPs before the end of 2015 to help drive sales and deployments of its endpoint management technology, Syxsense .Ashley Leonard, President and CEO, Verismic says: “CMS is perfect for MSPs enabling them to get more value from customers and deliver better service levels. There are still lots and lots of MSPs who are providing services using old premise client/server management tools or even physically sending out engineers to help customers with problems.

He explained that the company’s endpoint management tool enables MSPs to monitor endpoints and intervene as soon as they need to, rather than having a reactive approach whenever a system goes down.

“Being cloud based, we allow MSPs to support their customers from anywhere and anytime,” he said. “CMS has been developed with MSPs in mind, enabling them to more effectively manage their customers’ IT environments with minimal admin burden.”

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