Verismic Software Embraces Two-Factor Authentication for CMS Platform

Verismic Software has embraced two-factor authentication for its Syxsense , the company has announced.

Now, in addition to the standard username-and-password security system, CMS also enables second-factor authentication via email, SMS, or Google Authenticator, the QR code-based authentication system recently embraced by WordPress. It’s a move aimed at shoring up clients’ protection against rising digital threats. Explaining the implementation of two-factor authentication in a statement, Verismic Software CEO Ashley Leonard pointed to the “serious concerns” of phishing and identity fraud.As in the case of WordPress’s embrace of Google Authenticator, it is not compulsory for CMS users to adopt two-factor security. But as Leonard puts it, by enabling the option for clients, Verismic Software is “keeping control of the network environment securely in the hands of the IT managers.” And given the growing awareness of digital threats among IT teams across various industries and sectors, it seems likely that many security professionals will take advantage of CMS’s new security options.

Learn more about Two Factor Authentication with Syxsense.

This post was originally featured on Mobile ID World.