Verismic Named Top Innovator at 2015 Association for Corporation Growth Awards

Global Software Company Selected as Innovation Leader for its Syxsense at 2015 Orange County ACG Awards Gala 

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. (May 18, 2015) – Verismic —a global provider of IT management solutions delivered from the cloud—was bestowed the coveted Innovation Award at the 2015 Association for Corporate Growth® Annual Awards Gala, which recognizes the achievements and exceptional talent of Orange County and Inland Empire-based companies. Presented Thursday, May 14 at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, Calif., the award—judged by an independent review panel of academic and business professionals—underscores the tremendous success of Verismic’s Syxsense —an agentless, cloud-based IT management software solution that is revolutionizing the way IT professionals engage in endpoint device management.

“It is a great honor to be recognized by our peers, our industry and by the growing numbers of clients across the county who are realizing the tremendous benefits of our products,” says Verismic President and CEO Ashley Leonard, the technology entrepreneur behind Verismic’s groundbreaking solutions that have garnered numerous awards and accolades since the company’s founding in 2013. “The response to our energy- and cost-saving products and services that reduce the complexities of IT has been overwhelming and a continual source of inspiration for our team of dedicated technology experts.”

Under Leonard’s leadership, Verismic has grown tremendously in a few short years, earning a stellar reputation for products like Verismic’s CMS—named one of the most innovative products at the 2014 Best in Biz Awards—which requires only a web browser to deploy and can easily and quickly scale up to as many as 10,000 endpoints within an enterprise. From law enforcement agencies to school districts, organizations throughout the U.S. are praising Verismic’s cutting-edge solutions and outstanding customer service.“It has always been of paramount importance to provide our customers with award-winning solutions that not only advance mission-critical goals and objectives but also bring forth alternatives to address important environmental concerns,” says Leonard, who also led his organization in the development and launch of its revolutionary remote Power Manager software. “The ACG Innovation Award is a testament to our organization and amplifies our intentional and tireless efforts to conscientiously innovate, while forging meaningful relationships with like-minded partners who support our commitment to excellence.”

For more information about Verismic’s innovative and award-winning Syxsense, visit VERISMIC: Verismic Software, Inc. is a global industry leader providing cloud-based IT management technology and green solutions focused on enabling greater efficiency, cost-savings and security control for users, all while engaging in endpoint management. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., Verismic is a growing and dynamic organization with offices in four countries and 12 partners in nine countries. Over the past two years, Verismic has worked with more than 150 companies ranging from 30 to 35,000 endpoints delivering a variety of solutions for organizations of all sizes as well as managed service providers (MSPs). Verismic’s software portfolio includes the first-of-its-kind agentless, Syxsense ; Power Manager; Software Packaging and Password Reset. For more information, visit