The True Cost of DoS Attacks

The True Cost of DoS Attacks

A Denial of Service (DoS) attack can seriously derail any business with a digital presence. These attacks are still prevalent in 2020 and the cost is rapidly rising. Even a small company could lose up to $120,000 after experiencing its effects.

According to a report from Bulletproof, the price tag on a DoS attack has risen to over $2 million for enterprise companies. Defending against these threats can actively save your business money and time.

Although some instances reflect the lowering of DoS ransoms, cyber attackers are easily generating a greater impact with new strategies. As a result, budgeting for the best tools to shield your business from these attacks delivers much more upside.

The most direct result of a DoS attacks is lost sales. However, DoS attacks can also be used to hide more damaging breaches of data. If sensitive customer information or financial data is lost, you may also be legally liable, which significantly increases the price of the breach.

Other indirect costs of an attacks include replacing hardware, but also employee time. Many won’t be able to work until service is back, and others who can help fix the problem will need to work extra overtime. You may need to hire outside help if the attack persists, and customer service people will be inundated with more calls and emails than normal.

The Best Cybersecurity Strategy for 2020

What are the best protections for DoS? Internal IT employees should ensure that all servers are only publicly available for necessary functions, and when further secured with SSH, firewalls on all endpoints, SSL, and VPNs. Plan ahead for larger traffic accommodations than you think you need and employ a smart array of vulnerability testing technology to keep uptime at 100%.

Syxsense can inspect your company’s resources on a strict schedule and will patch software and hardware in real-time to automatically protect against zero-day vulnerabilities. An inclusive approach encompassing the OS, third-party apps, firewalls, router configurations, and more ensures vigilance against all attack vectors.

Robert Brown, Director of Services at Syxsense, notes that this comprehensive patching effort is required if companies want to deflect DoS cost-effectively.

“When every minute of downtime carries a five-figure price tag, patch management moves higher on the list of priorities for businesses in 2020,” Brown said.

Syxsense allows you to manage and secure vulnerabilities exposed by open ports, disabled firewalls, ineffective user account policies, and security compliance violations from remote workers. Gain visibility into OS and third-party vulnerabilities while increasing cyber resilience through automated patch management and vulnerability scanning.

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