November Third-Party Security Updates

Critical Updates for Apple and More

On the same day that Apple announced their new set of products, they released a massive group of updates. These patches address critical vulnerabilities throughout their operating systems and software offerings. The OS vulnerabilities, both iOS and macOS, could allow arbitrary code execution.

While Apple won’t reveal much about how potential exploitation of these bugs might work, they are rated as critical. It’s important to assess how many Apple devices are lurking within your network. Then implement a strategic rollout of the needed updates.

One-Third of Oracle Updates are Critical

The latest release of Java contains fixes for multiple critical vulnerabilities. Surprisingly, this number is down from the same time last year. Could Java be trending in the right direction? Only time will tell, but for now, this is positive news.

Legacy Java still needs to be monitored, as well. Java 8 ends public support in January 2019, but many companies still use Java 8, 9, 10, and 11. It’s important to track what versions of Java are running in an environment. Legacy software still gets regularly targeted for exploitation.

How does Syxsense help?

Syxsense displays graphs and icons that illustrate, at a glance, the vulnerability of your devices.

By clicking on a gadget, you’ll jump right into a patch deployment process, prepopulated to deploy all related updates to all devices that need them. You can easily modify this task to be more specific or start the task as-is, to save time.

Third-Party Updates

Vendor Category Patch Version and Release Notes:
Adobe Media Software Flash and Air: v31.0.0.122

Acrobat and Reader DC:

v15.006.30456 (Classic Track 2015)

v17.011.30105 (Classic Track 2017)

v19.008.20080 (Continuous Track)

Apple Media Software iTunes: v12.9.1

Safari: v12.0.1

Don Ho


Text and Source Code Editor Notepad: v7.5.9
Evernote Organization App Evernote: v6.15.4.7934
FileZilla FTP Solution FileZilla: v3.38.1
Google Browser Chrome: v70.0.3538.77
Mozilla Browser and Email Application Firefox: v63.0.1

Thunderbird: v60.3.0

Oracle Java JDK and JRE: v8u192
VSRevo Group Revo Uninstaller Pro: v4.0.1
WireShark Wireshark: v2.6.4