Windows 10 Update causes HP Blue Screen of Death

Microsoft is in trouble with its latest Windows 10 update. The October release 1809 already had a bug that was deleting users’ personal files. Now, this update is wreaking new havoc on HP devices, causing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

Hold off on updating any HP devices until this issue can be resolved. If you’ve already installed the update, there is a temporary solution. It seems that deleting ‘HpqKbFiltr.sys’ from C:WindowsSystem32 will mitigate the issue.

Rather than having to go to each HP device and manually delete the file in question, utilize a batch file plus a software distribution solution. With Syxsense, you can easily upload a software package and distribute it to a targeted set of computers.

With the query function, tasks can be targeted to devices that sit within a specific set of parameters. In this example, devices would be collected by manufacturer; HP.Then, in the Software Deployment task, the created query would be selected and the batch file you created would be run on those devices only.

In minutes, the targeted file would be gone from your devices. The Task Section would even reflect the success of the deployment, to confirm the work was completed.