How Many Tools Does It Take to Patch All Your Devices?

Comparing Patch Management Solutions

Given the breadth of software systems in any given organization and the volume of patches being released by vendors, it’s not surprising that most IT departments are using more than one patch management tool, experts say.

Take Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager for example. It’s a widely used system that works well for Microsoft software but isn’t as useful for managing patches for non-Microsoft software systems. Many enterprise IT shops use that for Windows patches but implement other patch management tools to handle patches from other vendors. They might use Jamf for MacOS updates and another tool for 3rd party applications such as Chrome, Java or Adobe.

Why waste resources on trying to manage multiple software when one product can do everything you need? Syxsense can manage Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. It has the largest library of 3rd party software updates.

One and Done

Still not impressed? Syxsense can also manage Virtual Machines, laptops, desktops, and servers. Deploying Windows updates is easy with the Windows Feature Updates section.The list of features contained in this single solution goes on. Syxsense has compliance reports, software distribution, remote control, and more.

One product can do it all. Eliminate unnecessary, redundant software and explore a better IT solution.