High Severity Linux Kernel Bug

Stop the Remote Attackers

A global Linux kernel bug affecting almost every Linux operating system could currently be used to expose millions of Linux servers around the world.

The vulnerability (CVE-2018-5391) carrying a CVSS score of 7.8 (High Severity) relates to the Linux kernel, versions 3.9+, IP implementation is vulnerable to denial of service conditions with low rates of specially modified packets.

An attacker may be able to trigger a denial-of-service condition against the system.All Linux vendors are recommending all customers update their operating systems as quickly as possible, all patches are available from OS vendors to address the vulnerability and are now available in Syxsense for immediate deployment.

Our discovery scan will identify every device with an IP address connected to your networks; including Linux devices.Then, thanks to a comprehensive collection of inventory information, you can easily filter the device view and see which Linux devices need the required updates.

Within minutes you will have identified vulnerable devices and begun a strategic remediation.