Third-Party Patch Update: June 2018

Third Party Software Updates: June 2018

Roku TV & Sonos IoT devices, which are widely used in businesses that handle sensitive consumer data, such as credit card number and health records, are vulnerable to DNS hacking. These two IoT devices are frequently installed within fast casual dining, medical and dentist businesses.

These devices can be exploited thanks to two common IoT issues; IoT devices do not require authentication for connections received on a local network and because HTTP is more prevalent to control embedded devices.These vulnerabilities could enable anyone to “virtually map” your network, which has much wider consequences such as DoS (Denial of Service) to your most critical infrastructure, disrupting your end user experience or potentially planning much more sophisticated cyber warfare.Just imagine what could happen if a hacker could learn the OS host name & IP information for all your servers.

Both Roku and Sonos are actively working to resolve these issues, but updates will be necessary to secure your devices.

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Third-Party Patch Updates

Below is a table of third-party updates from June 2018: 

Vendor Category Patch Version and Release Notes: CVSS SCORE
Adobe Media Software  

AIR: v30.0.0.107 –


Flash Player: v30.0.0.113 –



Citrix Receiver: v4.12 –



Evernote: v6.13.13.7425 –


FileZilla FTP Solution  

FileZilla: v3.34 –


Google Browser  

Chrome: v67.0.3396.99 –





Malwarebytes: v3.5.1.2522 –


Mozilla Browser and Email Application  

Firefox: v60.0.2 –


Peter Pawlowski Audio Player  

Foobar2000: v1.4 –


Uvnc bvba Remote Access Tool  

UltraVNC: v1.2.2.1


WinSCP SFTP, SCP, and FTP client  

WinSCP: v5.13.3 –