Oracle Drops Critical Update Bomb

Over 300 Vulnerabilities: 49 Rated as Critical

Oracle has just dropped its October 2018 update and it is a big one! Over 300 security flaws are addressed in this massive release. 49 of those flaws carry a critical CVSS rating (9 or higher).

One of these scored a ‘perfect’ critical rating of 10!

The flaw in question is CVE-2018-2913 for Oracle GoldenGate. According to Oracle’s Advisory, the flaw “may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., may be exploited over a network without requiring user credentials.”Of the remaining critical flaws, 45 have a CVSS rating of 9.8. This release is tackling a huge group of major vulnerabilities. Any organization running Oracle products should immediately scan their networks to figure out just how many devices require these updates.

Simplify Patch Management Tasks

If you want to make the patch management process more efficient, look to an IT solution such as Syxsense. The inventory scan feature can be set to regularly check your network and then display that information in easy to understand icons and graphs.Then, move to the Patch Manager feature to set up a task to remediate the now obvious vulnerabilities. A task will be prepopulated for rapid deployment, or there are a multitude of controls to facilitate the update release strategy that works best for your unique environment.

Massive update bombs don’t have to wreak havoc on your work week. Discover a better way to manage your updates with Syxsense.