Microsoft Re-Releases Windows 10 v1809

Issue-Plagued October Update is Available…again.

After being publicly pulled twice, Microsoft is tentatively releasing Windows 10 version 1809 again. To be able to deploy this update now, one would have to manually check systems through Windows Update.

It will not be automatically pushed to any devices.Of the 7 issues Microsoft has been tracking, 3 have been labeled as resolved. There is no indication when the remaining 4 will be completed. Microsoft intends to have yet another release of this update once they are certain all issues have been resolved.

This update has been a nightmare to deploy. Attempts have been met with file system bugs, driver conflicts, incompatibilities with graphics cards, and more.

If you really want to deploy this update, the best recommendation that can be made is to ensure everything else is completely up-to-date first. Update all drivers, software, and firmware that you can.Syxsense, a powerful IT management solution, can facilitate a complete update of your systems. A patch scan task will show you which devices and software have missing updates. From there, an update deployment can be set up to distribute any needed patches.

Syxsense also has maintenance windows. These are leveraged to run tasks around business hours and to create repeating tasks for as frequently as you desire.